Social Services


Central to the R. Howard Webster Foundation’s mission is its willingness to support organizations whose work is focused on the advancement of Canadian society. Since its inception, the Foundation has supported large capital campaigns, and made scores of small, but significant, gifts to institutions out working in the street, among troubled youth, the homeless or families down on their luck.

Honouring the vision of its founder, R. Howard Webster, the Foundation continues to make grants to a wide array of organizations across the social services spectrum whose projects and programs strive to help those struggling in today’s society, or which inspire the population as a whole to become more involved in community affairs and make healthier lifestyle choices.

The Foundation’s grant-making activities in the social services field centre on the following areas:

  • mental health
  • food security
  • ending homelessness
  • supporting vulnerable members of the population such as Canadian veterans, at-risk youth, seniors, victims of violence and sex-trafficking, people with physical and intellectual disabilities, and many more
  • promoting community engagement
  • improving access to sports and recreation

Canadian Youth – Our Leaders of Tomorrow

From pioneering breakfast programs, to drug awareness programs, to after school programs, the late R. Howard Webster’s helping hand was ever present in fostering the overall development of new generations of Canadians. As a result of his generosity, many disadvantaged and/or at-risk youth have been able to attend summer camps, acquire leadership skills and participate in sports, arts, and cultural activities, among others. In keeping with the legacy of its founder, the R. Howard Webster Foundation strives to continue to support innovative and progressive programs and projects designed to help Canada’s youth reach their full potential as leaders of tomorrow for the betterment of our society.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement of our Canadian youth is important to the future well-being of Canada. With the right tools and opportunities, our youth will be encouraged to become more involved in community affairs and the democratic process.

We are pleased to feature some of these special programs designed for the benefit of Canada’s society in our news section.