Application Procedures

How to Apply for a Grant

Grant Application Procedures for Member Clubs of Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada

The R. Howard Webster Foundation only makes grants, subject to funding restrictions, to qualified donees under the Income Tax Act Canada. In order to apply for a grant, the Foundation’s online application form must be completed and submitted with the grant proposal.

Failure to submit the application form with your grant application will cause an automatic rejection. 


  • A detailed description of your club, including history, programs/projects, activities and number of members of the club.
  • A detailed description of the program/project or campaign and the rationale for support.
  • What is the expected impact of the program/project in terms of benefit, improvement, and development of your club?
  • A yearly detailed budget for the program/project, the amount requested from the Foundation, and over what time frame.
  • What organizations or groups will be involved in the program/project?
  • If a program, is it a program designed by the national office?
  • What is the expected timeline for your program/project or campaign?
  • What are your sources (or expected sources) of revenue?
  • Will the club receive gifts in-kind toward the program/project or campaign?
  • What other funders have been approached?
  • The total amount of funding confirmed to date, from the following funding sources:
    • Government
    • Corporations
    • Foundations
    • Individuals
  • The project shortfall and expected sources of funding for the shortfall.
  • In the event that the program/project does not receive adequate financial support, will you proceed with it or how will it be modified?

Please have your Canada Revenue Agency charity registration number ready, as it will be required on the application form.


  • Most recent financial statements
  • Most recent operating budget
  • Annual report
  • List of your board of directors & senior staff


The application form, grant proposal, and other required documents must be submitted electronically using the online application form, prior to April 1st or August 31st of the current year.