Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada Grant Application Form

Grant Application Form
for Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

The grant proposal and other required documents must be submitted electronically using this online
application form, prior to May 1st or October 1st of the current year.


Please complete all fields with the exception of fields indicated as (optional).

Section A: Applicant information

Please complete all fields with the exception of fields indicated as (optional).

  • Please fill out the contact person’s information

Section b: briefly describe your club

Describe the ways in which your club interacts with the local community and the community's youth. (500 words or less)

NOTE: Include specific details such as how many youth are served, the types of social issues that are addressed and specific needs for your youth, the number and types of programs that the club offers, the number of volunteers at the club, the club's history, how the club has expanded over the years, etc.

Section C: Program / Project details

Section D: Program / Project description

Please provide a general overview of the program / project below which outlines the purpose, the community needs to be addressed, and the key program / project goals.

  • Please provide details on the activities that will take place as part of this program/project.

Section E: Impact

NOTE: The impact is a direct result of the positive outcomes or the difference that is made for your Club members because of this program / project. Outcomes relate to change in behavior, knowledge, attitudes, motivation, skills, conditions or other expected results.

Section F: Additional information

Please provide any additional details that we should know when considering your application for funding.

Section G: Program / Project budget

Please outline below, the program/project's expenditures.

  • Program/project expendituresAmount 
  • Please outline below, in detail, the confirmed and anticipated sources of funding for your program / project, other than the amount requested from the R. Howard Webster Foundation.

    NOTE: Include all gifts in-kind to the program / project. Budget revenue should demonstrate community support and additional specific sources or support.

  • Specific sources of anticipated revenueAmount 
  • Specific sources of confirmed revenueAmount 
  • Please review the following calculated program/project expected revenue and shortfall.

    NOTE: Review the previous entries if the results are not as expected.

    Campaign/project shortfall

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Section H: Amount requested

Please indicate in detail the amount requested from R. Howard Webster Foundation.

  • Specific detailsAmount 

Application attachments

Please upload all required documents (most recent financial statements, operating budget, annual report, list of your board of director and senior staff), as well as any other supporting documents.

NOTE: All documents should be in PDF format. We do not accept other file formats such as doc, xls, jpg.
IMPORTANT: Should the total sum of your files exceed 10 MB, please use this LINK to upload your attachments.

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    Accepted file types: pdf.

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