Montreal Oral School for the Deaf

The Montreal Oral School for the Deaf was founded by concerned parents in 1950. Over the years, the mission has remained unchanged – to teach deaf children to listen and speak. The mission has remained unchanged; however, the services have expanded over many years to accommodate not just the child with hearing loss, but their families who are also affected by the disability.

Since 2002, the R. Howard Webster Foundation has supported essential programs delivered as part of the “package” MOSD children receive. The Parent Infant Program and Audiology Program are the first two programs babies and their families come into contact with. When the initial diagnosis is made, the children come in for further audiology services and their parents join the Parent Infant Program that acts like a “support” group for the families. The family is encouraged to utilize the services of MOSD’s psych-social team and Speech Language Therapists who visit the homes of the babies a minimum of once a week to help guide the families in how they can help their children adapt to their way of learning. Parents, siblings, grand-parents and other extended family members & friends hoping to help the parents and child in their life-long journey are welcome to attend these information and guiding sessions. Often times, extended family members bring the children to their audiology appointments to help understand the child’s needs and give the parents a rest from all the appointments. Once a week, the children come to the School for their audiology visits and a play group where families compare notes and struggles they may be having.

The R. Howard Webster Foundation has been a very strong supporter of all of these programs and without this funding the MOSD would not be able to offer the caliber of services they do. None of these programs receive government funding and the MOSD relies on outside generous supporters who give so willingly to help them offer the best care possible. MOSD staff are grateful not only for the financial support, but also for the genuine interest that the staff and Trustees of the foundation show in helping MOSD achieve its mission.