The R. Howard Webster Foundation awarded a grant to Chez Doris to help undertake a significant expansion aimed at creating two new points of service to prevent and address female homelessness. The grant’s purpose is to help launch the following initiatives: 1) An emergency overnight shelter with 24 beds for homeless women located near Chez Doris’ day shelter, along with a housing search and support program. 2) A permanent supportive residence on De Champlain Street that will provide 26 affordable studio apartments for women who were previously homeless or at risk.

As a direct result of this financial support, Chez Doris has become a 24/7 service, and its day shelter now operates from 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM, with dinner service included. Since launching the emergency shelter on September 19, 2022, the shelter has provided overnight accommodation to 291 different women, including 77 Indigenous women, 8 trans women, and 4 who were caring for pets. The number of women who have benefited from this service demonstrates its importance and the pressing need for more similar facilities.

The impact of the R. Howard Webster Foundation’s support does not end there. Chez Doris also assists at least 60 women annually in finding housing and has added a caseworker to manage the finances of women in the Financial Management Program. Moreover, with the scheduled opening of the permanent supportive residence on De Champlain Street on September 1, 2023, even more women will have access to a secure and stable place to call home. This is a significant step towards providing these women with a brighter future.

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