Improving society on a global scale…

The R. Howard Webster Foundation supports Canadian charitable organizations that offer unique and inspiring programs or projects that improve society on a global scale by working together with those in less developed countries to ensure food security, social and economic justice, respect of human rights, and access to proper health care and education, among others.  Whether it is building libraries in Ghana, promoting strong rural communities and healthy ecosystems around the world, improving the quality of education in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, or ending violence against women, these collaborations are beneficial not only to the less developed countries, but also to the Canadian organizations involved in these projects, as they become more aware and sensitive to global issues.


Building capacity at universities in the developing world

In the coming months, support from the R. Howard Webster Foundation will allow for a new round of projects emerging from the Academics Without Borders ( Network of Canadian universities and in partnership with universities in the developing world.

Recent AWB projects have included helping to develop: a PhD law program in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia; a program for nurses on research and scholarship in Malawi; science and mathematics workshops for teacher education in Cebu, Philippines; a centre for students with disabilities in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; a train-the-trainer project in rural medicine in Patan, Nepal; a project to enhance research capacity in Nairobi, Kenya; a regional institute for wildlife research and tribal welfare in Kerala, India; social work education in Hanoi, Vietnam; and a project to improve maternal health in Aceh, Indonesia.

About AWB

Academics Without Borders works with universities in the most disadvantaged countries of the world to build their capacity to educate the professionals and leaders essential to prosperous, peaceful and just societies. We fulfill this mission by sending professional staff and academics who donate their time to work on projects in the developing world. These projects originate with our developing world partner universities and reflect their most pressing needs and those of their communities. One more recent facet of the organization is our University Network whereby Canadian universities support our work, suggest projects and supply volunteers for them.


Volunteer Dr. Keyna Bracken with medical faculty at Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia

Volunteer Dr. Keyna Bracken with medical faculty at Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia