Young Musicians of the World

When Music Changes Destinies!

The R. Howard Webster Foundation is proud to renew its commitment to Young Musicians of the World by providing a multi-year grant towards When Music Changes Destinies!, the organization’s major fund-raising campaign.

Initiated in 2015, this campaign seeks to implement a variety of innovative programs created by Young Musicians of the World in each of its schools in Quebec to answer the specific needs of at-risk youths. It also aspires to reach more young people by increasing the number of students in its schools and by opening three new service points. The campaign will also focus on improving the services offered by redesigning the organization’s installations, as well as purchasing and maintaining musical instruments and equipment while offering new training opportunities and new tools for teachers.

The R. Howard Webster Foundation’s five-year grant will allow Young Musicians of the World to grow and to continue to help its students.

About Young Musicians of the World

Young Musicians of the World helps young people in high-risk communities develop their full potential and their aspirations by providing free music lessons, activities involving musical expression and individual support. Each music school is located in a community facing multiple socioeconomic problems and a significant lack of cultural opportunities.

Today, more than 1,200 youths in Quebec and in India participate in activities offered by Young Musicians of the World. Through music and by providing these young people with appropriate mentorship, Young Musicians of the World gives them the opportunity to learn, to develop their talents and to broaden their horizons. They emerge from the program more conscious of their opportunities and enriched by the possibility to make their dreams come true.  For more information, please visit: