Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence

The R. Howard Webster Foundation encourages the healthy academic and athletic balance of promising Quebec athletes through its support of the Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence

The Quebec Foundation for Athletic Excellence’s (FAEQ) mission is to financially support and accompany student-athletes in their pursuit of academic and athletic excellence, and contribute to the growth of future models of Quebec society.

Quebec student-athletes are in good hands with the FAEQ. Not only do the most gifted athletes obtain financial support through various bursary programs, they also receive personalized services which accompany them through their academic career. The FAEQ offers these services to their athletes as early as high school, following through college and university all the way to their transition from an athletic to a professional career.

Academic and guidance counselling, networking, mentoring and individual planning are but some of the many services made available to all student-athletes receiving bursaries. The R. Howard Webster Foundation is pleased to contribute to the 2015-2020 fundraising campaign of the FAEQ by pledging a multi-year grant over the next five years. These funds will help the FAEQ bring their mission to life and support a greater number of student-athletes. The FAEQ will be awarding $ 1,500,000 in bursaries annually to 525 Quebec based student-athletes by the year 2020. For more information, please visit: