Principled philanthropy

The R. Howard Webster Foundation supports dialogue & guidelines on philanthropy…

The R. Howard Webster Foundation’s early support as a founding member of Philanthropic Foundations Canada has helped to facilitate and mobilize discussions on philanthropy in Canada.

Mobilizing Philanthropic Action in Canada

Over the next year, with the support of the R. Howard Webster Foundation, PFC will create opportunities for leaders in the philanthropic sector to meet, exchange ideas and learn from each other. PFC will also communicate the value and impact of the work of organized philanthropy and will conduct strategic research to support and guide that work in addition to identifying and pursuing targeted public policy changes that will achieve a more enabling public policy environment.

About PFC

Philanthropic Foundations Canada bring grantmakers together, give them a voice, inspire them to action and create greater awareness of their impact on local and global communities. Philanthropic Foundations is a network that supports the philanthropic sector in Canada. Whether you are new to the world of philanthropy, interested in more effective practice or simply want the facts on Canadian foundations, they are here to help!

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