Orford Music, a non-profit organization located in Canada, in the heart of Mont-Orford National Park, is first and foremost an international advanced classical music academy with a mission to spark the creativity of young musicians at the launch of their careers and throughout their professional lives by building on excellence, creativity, accessibility and sustainability. Each summer, more than 450 students from around the world, come to study with its internationally renowned faculty. Orford Music has been providing first-rate training for musicians aged between 18 and 25 for over sixty-five years. Its international music academy, the largest in central and eastern Canada, hosts renowned professors who share their passion and knowledge of music with university-level young musicians each year. Orford Music is also known for its festival which began in 1951 and is, as such, one of the oldest music festivals in Canada. This exceptional platform allows Orford Music to present, throughout the summer, both young artists and seasoned professionals of the highest stature to a vast and loyal audience.

Orford Music strives to offer full accessibility of its classes to all musicians of talent, regardless of their origin, their financial situation or their place of residence. The R. Howard Webster Foundation helps Orford Music achieve its goal of providing opportunities for all young talents to visit its site, regardless of their situation, and allows the organization to lighten the financial load on those students who request help.

To learn more about Orford Music, please visit: www.orford.mu/en/

Orford Music