Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

Throughout their 118-year history, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada have provided safe, caring environments and stimulating programs for millions of young Canadians.  The mission of all Boys and Girls Clubs is to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.  Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada are guided by core values such as Belonging, Respect, Encouragement and Support, Working Together, and Speaking Out. Tailored to the needs of communities across the country, the Clubs’ national programs tackle relevant social issues, encourage and empower children and youth, and help them set a path for success. Through funding, critical programming, and event sponsorship, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada’s partners help the organization positively impact young people and their families across the country.

R. Howard Webster, his philanthropy, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada have a very long history together dating back more than 70 years.  Mr. Webster was an anonymous, modest funder of clubs in and around the Montreal area for many years, but in 1957 he broke with his tradition and provided significant funding for the Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club located on Westmoreland Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.  Recognizing the importance of this club to the youth and community it served, he continued to champion Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada both at the national and local levels.  Today, his legacy to Canada, the R. Howard Webster Foundation, continues to support the innovative and progressive programs and projects designed to help Canada’s youth.

Recently, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada launched a public service announcement highlighting the important work done by the various Clubs to help improve the lives of children and youth in Canada, from one coast to the other. The PSA aims to avoid branding the communities served by the Clubs as “underprivileged” and shows that even though the lives of some children and youth are tough, regardless of their background, at Boys and Girls Clubs, every kid is a kid of privilege.

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