The R. Howard Webster Foundation is the legacy of the generous vision and business genius of R. Howard Webster. Inspired by his father, the late Honourable Lorne C. Webster and his philanthropic work, R. Howard Webster began his work in 1948 when he founded the R. Howard Webster Foundation.

For more than six decades, the R. Howard Webster Foundation has quietly been the silent benefactor of a diverse selection of organizations, each having its own special project or focus.

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and far beyond our Canadian shores, and from youth, to social causes, to the arts, to education, to health care, to the developing world and to scientific research, R. Howard Webster and his foundation have supported change and innovation. The Foundation has contributed more than $135 million over the last 3 decades to Canadian Society, to more than 750 different organizations.

R. Howard Webster began his philanthropic career by helping worthy causes and people, and after his death the R. Howard Webster Foundation has honoured his vision and continued this work.