Published Friday May 25 2018

The R. Howard Webster Foundation continues to make grants to a wide array of organizations across the social services spectrum…

Central to the R. Howard Webster Foundation’s mission is its willingness to support organizations whose work is focused on the advancement of Canadian society. Since its inception, the Foundation has supported large capital campaigns, and made scores of small, but significant, gifts to institutions out working in the street, among troubled youth, the homeless or families down on their luck.


Honouring the vision of its founder, R. Howard Webster, the Foundation continues to make grants to a wide array of organizations across the social services spectrum whose projects and programs strive to help those struggling in today’s society, or which inspire the population as a whole to become more involved in community affairs and make healthier lifestyle choices.


The Foundation’s grant-making activities in the social services field centre on the following areas:

  • mental health 
  • food security
  • ending homelessness
  • supporting vulnerable members of the population such as Canadian veterans, at-risk youth, seniors, victims of violence and sex-trafficking, people with physical and intellectual disabilities, and many more
  • promoting community engagement
  • improving access to sports and recreation 

Published May 25, 2018


Jean Vanier, L’Arche founder, asks, “Can we reasonably have a dream of a world where people, whatever their race, religion, culture, abilities or disabilities, whatever their education or economic situation, whatever their age or gender, can find a place and reveal their gifts?”  With the R. Howard Webster Foundation’s support, L’Arche Homefires built a fully accessible building where it endeavors to embrace this dream.  The foundation enabled L’Arche Homefires to open its doors in September 2017, through a grant toward the Building Our Dream campaign and a social impact loan.  


The building is a vibrant space where people with and without disabilities come together to weave, make candles, create art, learn, cook, bake, dance, sing, explore spirituality, and celebrate.  Located in the downtown core with a small storefront, L’Arche Homefires has discovered new opportunities to welcome friends, guests, volunteers, students, and even therapy dogs!  The building contains offices and gathering spaces for regular training sessions and meetings.  The organization also rents the space to local groups and is exploring ways to connect with the greater community in service and outreach.  
L'Arche Homefires began in Wolfville, a small Nova Scotia university town, in 1981. It is a community of five homes, a workshop, a day program, a retirement program, and independent living opportunities.
L’Arche Homefires belongs to the international L’Arche federation of over 150 communities on all 5 continents.  Its mission is to celebrate the value of each person, to build mutual relationships, and to change the world one heart at a time.  


To learn more about L’Arche Homefires, please visit:


L'Arche Homefires
L’Arche Homefires’ new accessible building opened its doors in September 2017



Published May 25, 2018
HERSTREET: A Beacon in the Night for Homeless Women


Herstreet is a relational health centre that provides women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with curative and preventive care. Based on relational health, its intervention approach is both unique and efficient with homeless women: it allows them to heal, rebuild and regain their place in society. For more information on Herstreet, please visit

La Maison Jacqueline: A Third House for the Most Wounded Women


Opened in 2015, Maison Jacqueline (MJ) is an emergency shelter dedicated to helping women whose health is the most deteriorated and who are in a state of complex and chronic post-traumatic stress. Their state of isolation is extreme, their relational capacities are greatly diminished, and they are often refused in other institutions. 


MJ is the first step in a long healing process, which will later continue at Maison Olga – a medium-term housing facility, and then at Centre Dahlia, a supportive housing facility that helps women transition toward independent living (20 studios available for approximately two years). MJ offers access to all the services provided by Herstreet: accommodation, meals, therapy, psycho-relational support, rehabilitation activities and integration into housing. To learn more about Maison Jacqueline, visit


Herstreet allows homeless women to heal, rebuild and regain their place in society

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