Published Friday June 16 2017

The R. Howard Webster Foundation is pleased to support innovative programs that aid…

The world in which we live is dependent on many factors, one of which is our environment.  Centuries of abuse have taken their toll on the environment and we need to foster change for the benefit of all society.  The R. Howard Webster Foundation is pleased to support innovative programs that aid in advancing research and encourage change.



Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers is the Kids' Conservation Organization, operating programs that educate youth and their families about biodiversity and empowering them to become directly involved in protecting animals and their habitats through a program called Bring Back the Wild.  The program aims to increase public awareness and engagement around species conservation while raising funds for innovative conservation projects across Canada.


The R. Howard Webster Foundation is currently supporting Earth Rangers' Bring Back the Wild Program focused on one of the largest intact old growth boreal forests in the world, found in northern Manitoba.  Manitoba's boreal forest provides critical habitat for species like pine martens, wolves, caribou and river otters. Unfortunately, it is facing increasing pressure from human and industrial disturbance. In order to ensure the survival of the species that live there, Earth Rangers Members from across Canada are raising funds to support TNC Canada as they collaborate with local First Nations communities, the Manitoba Government and Industry to develop land-use Caribou conservation plans within 22 million acres of boreal forest.


For more information on Earth Rangers and their Bring Back the Wild Program, please visit: http://www.earthrangers.org/conservation-projects/

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